Charity of Kojetín


The characteristics

The Charity of Kojetín originated in 1999 as a purpose establishment of Roman Catholic Church. It is a component of The archiepiscopal charity of Olomouc and a part of The Charity of Czech republic. The vocation of The Charity of Kojetín consists in helping people in a difficult life situation and at the same time encouraging those, who are willing to, to change own lives in a positive way.

The Charity of Kojetín comprises at present the following establishments: Club for Romany children and women, sanctuary house for women with children in distress, social welfare institution for pensioners and handicapped, charity nursing service and charity wardrobe.

Kroměřížská 198, 752 01 Kojetín 
phone number +420 581 761 828
web site:


Charita Kojetín Charita Kojetín Charita Kojetín Charita Kojetín

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