Social services in Kojetín


“Each of us gets into difficult situations in the course of life, while not being able to handle some of them without the others’ help. These are the moments when the social service may come in handy. The purpose of the social service is to help people in keeping their place within the society and at the same time to protect them from the social exclusion. The social service should help people with living the common life as much as possible.”

The white book in the social service

The town of Kojetín cared for the old and handicapped people during the last years, evidence for which are the four constructed houses with domiciliary services, pensioners’ club, crisis accommodation unit, introduction of nonstop emergency call and many others.

Apart form the latter, Kojetín is home to the local charity, comprising at present the following establishments: Club for Romany children and women, sanctuary house for women with children in distress, social welfare institution for pensioners and handicapped, charity nursing service and charity wardrobe.

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Furthermore, there are civil associations performing within the area of Kojetín with the aim of helping people.

The town of Kojetín has also decided this year to initiate a process of community planning of social service.

The mutual cooperation with all the social service providers is one of the ways to cover the needs of inhabitants, found in an unfavourable social situation, as effectively as possible.  

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