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  • The Church of Heaven adoption of the Virgin in Kojetín
  • The Marian column with baroque statues of St.Florian and St. Wendelin
  • The Art nouveau town hall from the second half of the 18th century
  • The Jewish cemetery (national cultural monument)
  • The Jewish synagogue from the 15th century
  • The Rabbi’s house from the middle of the 16th century
  • The church of St. Jiljí in Chropyně
  • The parish church of St. Mary Magdalena in Němčice upon Haná
  • The church of St. Magdalena in Troubky
  • The baroque statue of St. Amand in Troubky
  • The parish church of St. Bartholomew in the style of Gothic Revival in Polkovice
  • The chaplet of St. Gothard in Obědkovice
  • The church of immaculate conception of the Virgin (1771) in Lobodice
  • The statue of St. John of Nepomuk in Lobodice
  • The chaplet of St. Florian in Zářičí
  • The parish church of St. Bartholomew from the 16th century in Měrovice upon Haná
  • The chaplet from the times of Mary Theresa in Stříbrnice
  • The church of St. John of Nepomuk (1887) in Křenovice
  • The Jewish cemetery and chaplet in Tovačov


  • The chateau of Chropyně – national exposition of the town and the whole region on view, unique collection of weapons from the 17th century and the hall of Ječmínek
  • The chateau of Tovačov with a 96 meter high tower and an entry Renaissance portal from 1492


Zámek Tovačov Zámek Tovačov Zámek Tovačov

Natural beauties

  • Riding through Špalír round the pond Na Hrázi (“On Dam”) in Kojetín
  • A scientific educational path in the vicinity of the chateau of Chropyně
  • The pond Kolečko (“Wheel”)– one hundred year old oak trees, precious species of beetles, fungi and birds in Tovačov
  • Halt at Sifon – artificially made crossing of a natural flow of the Valová river with a millrace, where millrace flows under the river, technically unique work from 1911 in Uhřičice
  • The pond Hradecký – fishing out in the middle of October, attractions, works of fishermen, fish specialities in Tovačov
  • The junction of the Bečva and Morava rivers – a weir and a small power plant in Troubky

On the bike

  • cycle-way 47 - Olomouc - Dub nad Moravou - Tovačov – Chropyně – Kroměříž – Otrokovice - Napajedla - Uherské Hradiště - Kostolany nad Moravou - Uherský Ostroh (Baťův kanál) - Strážnice - Rohatec - Hodonín
    The total length of the track: 132 km
  • cycle-way 5013 – Prostějov – Němčice – Mořice – Zdounky – Bunč – Uherské Hradiště
    The total length of the track: 55 km
  • cycle-way 5040 – Plumlov – Brodek u Prostějova – Němčice nad Hanou – Kojetín – Lobodice
    The total length of the track: 35 km
  • cycle-way 5042 - Prostějov - Kralice - Věrovany - Cítov - Císařov - Rokytnice - Přerov
    The total length of the track: 27 km
  • cycle-way 5084 – Měrovice nad Hanou – Vitčice – Srbce – Tištín - Doloplazy
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