Sport in Kojetín


There is a whole range of sport clubs performing in the town of Kojetín and the surrounding villages.

It is the Sokol Kojetín which counts with the highest number of members, aggregating volleyball, tennis and table-tennis players as well as gymnasts of all age categories, including children and seniors.

The football players are organized in the TJ Slavoj Kojetín which makes use of a beautiful football stadium Morava located in a marginal part of the town, as well as in the TJ Slavoj Kovalovice.

A long tradition is also typical of the water sport whose members have seat in the shipyard on the river-confluence of Morava and the millrace.

A sport facility by the Grammar school Kojetín was constructed in 2001, comprising two multifunctional playgrounds, artificial surface, training climber and tennis wall, U-ramps, change-room and showers with toilets.

Mažoretky Stolní tenis Squash v Bowling city Areál u gymnázia

In June 2006 was inaugurated the renovated swimming pool. All the pools had been exchanged whereas toboggan, chute and other water attractions aren’t missing, either. The facility is equipped with special grass carpets. Change-rooms, toilets, showers and buffet had been modified, too.

The demands of those with liking for bowling, squash, spinning, fitness, martial art, billiards and other sport pleasures are met in Kojetín, as well.

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